ISZAF Challenge

ISAF sponsors and supports artist challenges for all ISZAF members and community enthusiasts. ISZAF Challenges are established by the ISZAF Administration Board to focus and guide the ISZAF members and community in the daily habit of making work. ISZAF believes, the more you do, the more you express yourself, the more clear your message will become. Inevitably, ISZAF wants to promote collaborative artist expression in hopes to build community and strengthen the artistic expression of each ISZAF member.


Current Challenge

December 1-31 - 31 Days of Drawing 2017 Details >>>
31 Days of Drawing posts >>


Past Challenges

October 1 - December 2 - ISZAF Challenge: Call + Response Details >>>
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June 25- August 14 -Summer Challenge Details >>>

April 1-30 -April Challenge Details >>>

March 1-31 -March Challenge Details >>>

February 1-28- February Challenge Details >>>

December 1-31- December Challenge Details >>>