Digital Exploration

Where: Virtual Exhibition: https://www.kunstmatrix.com/en/iszaf

Exhibtion Dates:
October 17 - 28/2022

Opening Event:
Live on October 17@ 3pm

Show Description:

ISNS in support and collaboration with ISZAF, present. “DIGITAL EXPLORATION,” an art exhibition that challenged local and international artists to create artwork using different forms of digital media. Featuring 17 works of art, the artists approached and explored the topic in creative, subtle, and dynamic ways. Playing with the boundaries between the literal and abstract, artists explored the broad-spectrum of digital art in its many forms. Various works focused on solely being created from digital art-making apps, whereas others used digital tools to enhance more traditional media techniques. The artwork in the show is united by the sense of colour and contrast, conveying a variety of thematic subjects and concepts.

Curated by: Gloria Carnevale, ISNS DP Y2 Students

Produced by: ISZAF (International Shenzhen Artist Forum) + ISNS (International School of Nanshan Shenzhen)

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Meet the Artists

Andrya Perez

Andrya is an artist with a love for lines, movement, explicit concepts of implied textures. During this challenge, she really enjoyed the way her ideas multiplied and evolved. Taekwondo has become another of her interests this year and she is excited to depict and share her favorite perceptions of such an honorable martial art.

Email: andrya.jpr@hotmail.com
WeChat ID: Andrya
Instagram: @andrya.ajpr

Benjamin Turcotte

Benjamin Turcotte is from Canada, then the Unites States. He achieved his BFA at Columbia in Chicago, with one year at the Sorbonne, Paris. He worked in 2D + 3D design for 15+ years, making art on the side, and finally realized that more potential is found in discovery. He moved to Shenzhen years ago. and now teaches Art, but as with these experimental pieces, he tries to continue to grow. 

Email: b3nt@outlook.com 

David Sheppard

David Sheppard (Shep) has been living and working in Shenzhen for the past eight years. He is currently the Learning Innovation Coach at Shekou International School. As an artist, Shep likes to work in photography, video and doodles. He tries to spend his time doing things that bring him joy.

Email: shepps63@gmail.com
Twitter: @mr_shep63
Instagram: @shepps63
Website: https://shepps63.mystrikingly.com/

Francois Pretorius

Pretorius hails from South Africa. His work is characterized by experimental and expressive figurative abstraction. Swaying between the satirical and the playful, the politics of the self and memory, his art is underpinned by ongoing ebb and flow currents of chaos and order in everyday human life.

Email: foxpretorius@email.com
Instagram: @foxpretorius
Website: foxpretorius.art

Gloria Carnevale

Gloria Carnevale is an artist, designer, educator, curator and speaker who has lived and worked in Shenzhen since 2012. She is a founding member of ISZAF and is currently the Co-Chair. Gloria works as the Head of the Arts Department for Visual Arts and Design at the International School of Nanshan Shenzhen (ISNS). She teaches senior level visual arts courses and is also qualified to teach design and technology.

Gloria's artwork explores the themes surrounding the concept of identity, such as how relationships and surroundings collaborate to identify a person. She enjoys to incorporate both serious and satirical elements into her work, as well as manipulating repetition, bold colours and textures. This work is a response to challenging times in our lives when we feel like we are no longer ourselves. We move on, but we are never the same again. We grow, change, renew, reflect and learn from our experiences.

WeChat: gloriacarnevale

Kumi Legault

Kumi Onari-Legault draws her inspiration from her cultural diversity. Kumi, the daughter of Japanese parents, was born and raised in Venezuela. Influenced by the art of her mother and grandfather, Kumi has experimented with visual art throughout her life. Kumi entered the Universidad del Zulia, in Maracaibo, Venezuela to study Design and Architecture and was selected to serve the university as an Associate Professor of Architecture. Kumi has since moved from Venezuela and developed her career as an international school Visual Arts teacher and has lived in Nagoya (Japan), Seoul, Shanghai and currently in Shenzhen. Kumi believes that art is within all of us. She particularly enjoys inspiring young artists to unlock their potential.

“One Woman” explores how we perceive a woman’s story. The different sketches of the same woman but with two distinct lifestyles challenges the audience to contemplate how opportunity, wealth, connection, education or simply chance could alter the destiny of one woman.

Email: kukus@email.com
Instagram: @KukuArtsAndCrafts

Marjorie Hernandez

After Marjorie Hernandez decided to pursue an Arts Degree at Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, her life became “curioser and curioser”. Once she started portraying faraway lands in her works, she found herself trading the gray skies of Lima, where she grew up, to chase the mesmerizing skies of Asia.

Marjorie follows her dreams wherever they take her, whether it is an authentic deserted island lost somewhere in the China Sea or to the depths of a coral bank in Indonesia. Looking at her pieces is, in her own words, “looking at the world, not the way it is, but the way I want it to be.” 

Her digital art transports the viewer into an oneiric world, sometimes showered by a unique glimmering light that makes the colors seem alive and surreal. She creates her mixed media prints from her studio in Shenzhen and shares them with her audience around the world.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", prays the saying and that is exactly what my work intends to do. You see, I don’t represent the world as it is, I portray it as I want it to be. But do not misunderstand me, I do not think beauty exclusively belongs to the light, I truly believe there is extreme beauty inhabiting the darkest places. That is why my artworks are mainly a study of light (or the absence of it) and how it affects color in order to shape our reality. In my artworks I usually start with a photograph or a sketch, an image of a place or a person (generally women, in most cases myself) that for some reason reminds me of something I have seen within a dream. Those images will be later transformed, by digital means into the bright, surreal landscapes and characters that tend to inhabit my work. Are you curious now? Perfect, welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy your stay. 

Wechat: mayitoHA
Email: mhernandez.aliaga@gmail.com
Instagram: @elbigviaje

Michael Williams

Michael Williams is an artist who is also a teacher. When he creates art he tends to draw lines that build upon each other. Michael likes to choose vibrant colors to set the line work off. The original of "The Dutchess" started as work that he was creating for a friend. Once it was completed, he began changing the hue of the image and making copies. It made him think of Andy Warhol and his repetition of images like his Campbell's soup can and his Marilyn Monroe prints.

WeChat: spaceman_mike
Instagram: @crazedlunatik
VERO: @13thLayer

Yvette Stride

Yvette Stride is an Australian artist and educator, drawing inspiration from her surroundings, especially in her homes of Hungry Head Beach (Australia) and Beijing (China).  Holding a Bachelor of Fine Art from Queensland University of Technology, she navigates her life using art as her spiritual compass. Palindromes and Poem Stamps have emerged in Yvette’s most recent work, as a means to process deep wounds and simultaneously depict healing epiphanies.

Instagram: yvette_stride