The Forum

The Forum Community Edition is a lecure series featuring accomplished artists, art professionals and organizations from all nationalities, disciplines and backgrounds within the Pearl River Delta Region of Guangdong, China. The professionals featured in this series will provide insight into the nature of their work in the span of specialty, function, business, craft, livelihood and other subjects related to art, design, aesthetics, and theory. Sponsored by (ISZAF) International Shenzhen Artist Forum, this series hopes to reveal and connect creatives with other creatives and the community at large.



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October 27, 2018 - 3:00pm - FREE EVENT


Li Yizhong Interior Design Company Ltd.
李益中空间设计有限公司 Room 203 Gui Hua Yuan Building, Dong Fang Hua Yuan,
Shen Nan Avenue Nanshan District, Shenzhen

The Guest Lecturers

Li Yi Zhong (Norman)

Norman Li is a well-known interior designer and spatial design strategy expert in China. He is the founder and design director of Li Yizhong Interior Design Company(Shenzhen, Chengdu) and Du Shi Shang Yi Residential Design Company. He is also a contract designer of "Mei Hao Sheng Huo Jia" of Dragon TV, “New Home of WOW “of Shanghai TV and QQLive.

Norman Li graduated from the Department of Architecture of Dalian University of Technology and he also received a master's degree in design management from Milan University of Technology in Italy. He is also a visiting professor at the Art College of Shenzhen University.

Since 1993, Norman Li has been working in the interior design industry all the time. And he is good at comprehensive study and judgment of place and space, who can formulate appropriate design strategies and transform ordinary space from decadence into magic, and create the ultimate beauty of space with simple and artistic techniques.

Over the years, Norman Li won numerous awards for his designs, both as an individual and as an advocate. He has won Annual National Title of Best Designers of CIID of China Interior Design Association, the Annual Cover of the Chinese Version of the American Magazine "INTERIOR DESIGN", as well as the International Space Design Award, IDEATOPS and the award of Best Dining Space Design, Real Estate Design Award, the Excellence Award of China Interior Project, the Best Design of APSDA, dining space TID of Commercial Space Class of Interior Design in Taiwan, etc.

李益中是中国知名室内设计师、空间设计策略专家,是李益中空间设计(深圳、成都)、都市上逸住宅设计的创始人和设计总监,也是东方卫视《美好生活家》、上海卫视及腾讯视频《WOW 新家》签约设计师。



多年来,李益中无论是个人,还是主案的设计作品,获得的奖项不计其数。他曾荣获CIID中国室内设计学会年度全国最佳设计师称号、美国杂志《INTERIOR DESIGN》中文版年度封面人物,以及国际空间设计大奖艾特奖IDEA­TOPS•最佳餐饮空间设计奖、地产设计大奖•中国室内项目优秀奖、APSDA 亚太地区•最佳设计作品、台湾室内设计•商业空间类餐饮空间TID等。

Catarina Braga

Catarina Braga is an artist, curator, writer and photographer. She’s been living in Shenzhen for over 2 years. She earned her BA in Fine Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, Portugal in 2016. Besides that, she also studied Conceptual Art, Video and Printmaking, at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna, Austria.Since 2015, she has been participating internationally in collective and individual exhibitions and she’s also a self-publisher. Since 2014, Catarina has been involved in several collaborative artistic projects. It's through her research and artistic practice that she likes to explore how photographs change our relation to how we experience things and our surroundings; whether it's about territory and boundaries, or about the ubiquity of images and the internet, or more personal and intimate narratives.The work takes numerous forms; from text to Photography, to installations, objects and publications.